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Are You Ready to...
Stop going it alone, CLIMB to new heights in work and life, and become the leader you were meant to be?

Program Options-

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Develop Your Personal Board of Director and Become the Leader You Were Meant to Be

Handshake in the Office



Shift Your Mindset, Ignite Your Sales Potential, and Stand Out from the Crowd

Business Presentation



Cast a Vision that Transforms Your People, Culture, Industry, and Community

Coming Soon!

Family on a Hike



Impact Generations by Living a Legacy Worth Leaving

Coming Soon!

Praying Together



The Heart Condition that Changed Everything

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Business Meeting
  • ​This 12-week course is designed as weekly modules that build on each other with a quiz and questionnaire after each lesson

  • As your coach, I'll be there every week participating in training, and sharing resources, strategies, AND the various tools I use while working with my clients 1-on-1 or in group sessions.

  • This course is perfect for anyone feeling held back by their past and ready to move forward and climb to new heights in business and in life. 

  • ​This group or team training is designed for those who want to dig deeper. 

  • Together, we'll uncover the most important strategies that allow you to soar to the top of your mountain. As a dedicated group, we will work together through exercises and help each other master the next steps in our personal and professional development.

  • This course is designed for those who can see the top and desire the guidance and understanding to take the next best step.

  • ​Your private 1-on1 coaching consists of personal access to 8 sessions that bring out the very best in your leadership skills through weekly 60 minute sessions.

  • We will explore the most important aspects of your relationships in business and determine best steps for casting the correct vision for your business and/or your family.

  • These sessions are perfectly and specifically designed for those who want to set a legacy strategy in motion personally and professionally. 

THE PERSPECTIVE SERIES Signature Coaching Program 



Image by Alexander Milo

The self-made person is a myth! Are you tired of navigating life on your own? There is a better way to get where you want to go. 


All Alone: [challenge] This is where most people start. When you are focused on jumping in and solving problems on your own, you don't even realize that you are limited in your ability to make quality decisions. You own perspective alone is not enough information or experience to make the best decisions for your circumstances. It's time to choose a new path.

Your Personal Board of Directors: [solution] These five proven steps will lead you to grow in ways you could never accomplish on your own.


Higher View: [outcome] It measures moments, not seconds. The right moment, the opportune moment. The perfect moment. 

Open yourself up to the wisdom, insight, and experience of others by building your personal Board of Directors. Your effectiveness as a leader depends on it!

THE PERSPECTIVE SERIES Signature Coaching Program


Series 2: SALES

STOP TRYING TO CLOSE THE SALE! Do you want to win more business? It's time for a shift in your perspective. Quit looking at sales as just a transaction. In an uncertain world filled with unrealistic goals, aggressive quotes, and impersonal sales tactics, the key to your sales success begins by connecting with your customer and their story to unlock the opportunity to find out what they value most. 


The Disconnect: [need for a new perspective and strategy] Without a connection there is no relationship. Connection is everything. Make sure to value your customer first before addressing how or if your products or services can provide them value. Your success in sales begins by building lasting relationships through connection with your prospects and customers. You need to make a connection to build a relationship. 

The Bridge: [framework and process] Learn the proven ESP Method as the framework for your customer mindset. Follow the FIVE Cs of Every Sales Experience to bring value to every relationship. This is the process that makes the framework work.

Your New World: [your future] As a result of implementing this new game plan for your business, you are on your way to unlocking the strategy that allows you to be welcome anywhere and build relationships that last.  

Open yourself up to the strategy that works day after day and year after year!

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