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Stop doing things the way you've always done them. Decades of experience in the following industries allow Jimmy Z to get to the heart of the matter when it comes to helping you add value to your prospects and customers. Specializing in detailed training, practical examples, and engaging stories, you and your team will overcome the challenges of the past and learn to shift your perspective and drive business in new ways. 

Insurance and Financial Professionals

Stop trying to close the sale! If you fail to connect, you'll never know what your prospect is in the market for. Shift Your Perspective and learn the proven method for uncovering what your customers want most. Remember, your customer likes to buy, they don't like to be sold.

Sales Representative

Manufacturing Teams

Assume nothing! The same old strategies don't work anymore! Your key to representing your products and services well starts with knowing the challenges today's customer is trying to solve. It's time to close the GAP in your sales plan by discovering what matters most to your customer. Shift Your Perspective and engage the proven method that delivers over and over again.

Construction Workers


Don't get fooled by the wrong tools. They will lose you time and money. Everything you build carries your reputation. The right tools make the job easier. Choose well. Your success depends on it! Shift Your Perspective and work with a proven blueprint that builds the best connection with your customers.

Construction Workers
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