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Award Winning Speaker | Author | Sales Specialist
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Hi, I'm Jimmy, Jimmy Z ...

Speaker | Author | Sales Specialist

People hire me to deliver an impactful experience that engages their audience to discover clarity, purpose, and new potential in business and in life.

Primary topics that instill new strategies to grow yourself and your business:

  • Develop Your Personal Board of Directors

  • How to Solve Your Client's Biggest Problem

  • Uncover the Most Important Perspective

  • Use the Power of Story for High-Impact Sales Results

  • How to Be Welcome Anywhere

  • How to Live a Life Worth Leaving


My passion is mentorship, leadership, and sales development with a focus on building others up on their journey to become more than they ever thought they could be. 

Prepare to make a difference in the world around you!


The 4-part Perspective Process is shared through a series of books containing the road map to building your personal board, delivering value to your customer, casting a vision that transforms your organization, and living a legacy worth leaving!



"Leadership doesn't come from headlines or spotlights. It's the influence that's formed in your daily decisions."

Whether it's showing people effective ways to connect with each other, or how to identify the most important perspective in every conversation, Jimmy is an engaging story-teller, with practical applications and proven strategies to help you grow as an individual and as an organization. 

Jimmy Z 

Keynote: Leadership in Today's Environment

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